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Why BooksYaari ?

Why BooksYaari ?

Hey all the people out there,this is a shout out for all the book lovers. A team of two "yaars" brings you the most awaited online bookstore.

BooksYaari is a online bookstore. We provide all the books that are second hand & new. Our sole purpose for providing second hand books is to help students.From BooksYaari students will easily get their course books and even all other books at affordable prices.(Actually guys we believe in saving money. Save your money all you college goers).

And BooksYaari has a special place for novel lovers. You can purchase your favourite novel from BooksYaari at discounted prices (Always and may be you will get some extra discounts too).

Now, the most lavishing feature of BooksYaari. you can sell your books too. Yes, BooksYaari is giving you a chance to sell all your old books & novels , as we belive in "sharing is caring".

Stay connected because you are going to be surprised in our next blog.


On April 14, 2017 Bharat wrote:
awesome idea
booksyaari is the best website for me , before this website i face lots of problems but now its very easy to buy novels.
thanks booksyaari.
On April 14, 2017 aarav wrote:
booksyaari done a great job. i am a book lover and always read novels and books, u make this easy for me ,now i easily buy books and read them.
On April 23, 2017 Monica wrote:
Welcome BooksYaari!!!
Finally an online website for book lovers

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