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The Twilight Saga (New Moon, Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn ) 4 in 1

The Twilight Saga (New Moon, Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn ) 4 in 1

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The Twilight Saga (New Moon, Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn ) 4 in 1

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Author: Stephenie Meyer

Language: English

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Regular Price: Rs.1,599.00

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  • Author: Stephenie Meyer
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books For Young Readers


This stunning set, complete with four editions of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn.

The perfect gift for fans of the bestselling vampire love story.



Twilight is a vampire romance novel aimed at young adult readers. It is the first novel in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. It presents the story of Isabella Swan, or Bella as she is called. The story is presented from Bella’s perspective.

Bella is a shy and mature seventeen-year-old who leaves Phoenix, Arizona, to move in with her father Charlie in Forks, Washington. She joins Forks High School, where she quickly becomes the center of attention, especially among the boys.

On the first day of school, she finds herself seated adjacent to Edward Cullen, who somehow seems to take an instant dislike to her. Edward then disappears for a few days. Surprisingly, upon his return, he becomes quite friendly towards Bella.

Bella intuitively knows that there is more to Edward than what meets the eye. Moreover, his abnormal abilities, unusual physical features and strange behavior fuel her curiosity further. One day, Edward saves Bella’s life in a mysterious way. This makes her even more determined to find out the truth about Edward.

When she learns about the local tribal legends from her friend Jacob Black, she comes to the conclusion that Edward and his family members are not humans, but vampires who consume animal blood.

As the days pass, Bella and Edward fall deeply in love with each other. Unfortunately, the arrival of a new vampire coven in Forks spells trouble for Bella. James, a vampire who is part of the new coven, becomes obsessed with her and wants to hunt her for sport. Bella’s life is thrown in danger, twisting and darkening the plot further.


New Moon:

The book, 'New Moon: 2 (Twilight Saga)’ is the second novel in the book series, 'Twilight saga’. Authored by Stephenie Meyer, this book series presents a unique love story that goes beyond all conventional aspects and portrays a bond that is eternal. The story revolves around Bella Swan and her relationship with the vampire Edward Cullen. This book received widespread appreciation and was one of the biggest selling paperback of 2008 - 2009 in Young Adult category. It was also translated in more than 38 languages. A film adaptation based on this book was also released.

Things are in good taste at the beginning of the novel and Bella is enjoying her life to the fullest. However, things start unravelling on her 18th birthday when her birthday party is turned into a battle. The party is organized by Edward Cullen which is attended by several family guests. When Bella tries to unwrap a gift, she manages to gets a paper cut and the smell of her blood triggers Jasper (Edward’s adopted brother) as he tries to attack Bella. However, Edward steps in between and protects Bella. But he makes a shocking revelation that stuns Bella and brings her world crashing down. He tells Bella that he doesn’t love her anymore and leaves her. Bella is heartbroken and completely ruined.

Another twist unfolds when Edward believes that Bella has lost her life by falling off a cliff. But will they ever meet again?



Seattle is devastated with a series of murders and Edward suspects a newly-turned vampire on the loose to be the perpetrator. When Alice has a vision of Victoria on a bloodthirsty hunt for Bella to avenge the death of her boyfriend, Bella and Edward’s plans of joining colleges are tainted with concerns of her safety.

Caught amidst a life-threatening situation, she is faced with a plethora of difficult choices to make; will she choose her true love, Edward, or her childhood friend, Jacob. As her graduation approaches, the other crucial pronouncement is her choice between life and death. Her decisions dance around the brims of potentially causing uproar in the age-long resist between vampires and werewolves.

While an army of new-vampires led by Victoria approach hastily to even the score by killing Bella, will the Cullens and werewolves resolve their issues to join forces and stop anymore human bloodshed?

In Stephenie Meyer’s third novel for the twilight series, a series of dramatic turn of events unravels and many critical decisions are made as Bella’s life hangs by a thread.


Breaking Dawn:

This book consists of three parts. It is the last book in the Twilight Saga and brings the loose ends in the story together, bringing the tale of Bella, Jacob, and Edward to an end.

In the first part, Bella marries Edward and they spend their honeymoon on an island belonging to Carlisle, called Isle Esme. Soon, Bella is pregnant and realizes that she is carrying a child which is half-human and half-vampire. Bella and Edward decide to return to their home in Washington. Edward is concerned about the rapid growth of the foetus and believes that it will be fatal to Bella, and he wants the foetus to be aborted. Nevertheless, Bella wants to have the child.

In the next part of the book, Jacob Black's Quileute wolf pack who are anti-vampire, want to destroy the unborn vampire child as well as Bella. Jacob does not agree, and in protest leaves the pack and forms his own. The birth of the over-grown vampire child leaves Bella half dead due to the loss of blood, and Edward injects his own poisoned blood into her to save her life. This transforms her into a vampire and Bella's new life begins as a vampire.

The later parts of the story revolve around the newborn vampire child, Renesmee, who is growing at a rapid rate. Some members of the vampire clan think that the child is not a vampire but an immortal and want it killed. They plan to kill the parents of the child as well with the help of the Volturi, the governing coven of vampires. The story is about what the Cullen family does under this situation and the confusion among the vampire community.

The book received the British Book Award for ‘Children’s Book of the Year’ in 2009. Translated into 38 languages, the book has also been adapted into a two-part movie. The book's first print sold 3.7 million copies. Over 6 million copies were sold in 2008, and it was the 3rd best selling novel of that year. The book was also chosen as the ‘Teen Choice Book of the Year’ and won the ‘Author of the Year’ award for Meyer.

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